Docnetic™ is a modular extension for SharePoint 2013 to enhance the capability of Enterprise Document Management system using SharePoint 2013. Docnetic enhances user experience and accelerates productivity in managing the organization’s documentation. Docnetic™ enables your organization to:
  • Greatly increase business productivity and efficiency.
  • Significantly reduce time on document based processes.
  • Enable employees to more effectively organize, distribute and share information.
  • Enhance information security.
  • Document Storage with no limits.
  • Free-up valuable office space.
  • Protect against potential loss and damage caused by natural disasters

Docnetic has the following extension:

  • Docnetic4SharePoint
  • Docnetic4Outlook
  • Docnetic4Office
  • Docnetic4Mobile
Docnetic4sharepoint Docnetic4Office Docnetic4Mobile
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Experience a wide variety of user and admin features to simplify and improve user experience and increase productivity. The applications is packaged with the user tools and admin tools to ease up the operations.


Drastically ease up documents and email movement to SharePoint. Boost user experience and simplify in sharing documents in and out of SharePoint document library.


Access your documents while you are on the go. Approve critical document workflows while travelling anywhere at any time.


Access your documents while you are on the go. Approve critical document workflows while travelling anywhere at any time.

Why Docnetic™?

  • Built on Microsoft SharePoint platform
  • User friendly and powerful
  • Built with security in mind
  • Increase productivity and minimizes loss of data
  • Eliminate the hassle and reduce time.
Internet / Intranet Mobile Outlook / Word / Excel / PowerPoint
Full features of SharePoint. Additional features of Docnetic :
  • Download
  • Multiple Check-in
  • OCR
  • Audit Trail
  • Move Copy
  • Analysis
Responsive Framework enables full viewing of features as Intranet Site. Integration to office application to :
  • Open
  • Attachment
  • Drag Drop
  • Start Workflow
  • Version History
  • Etc
Docnetic provides additional features. Improve accessibility and viewing of SharePoint site in mobile. Improves user experience and ease of working with documents.

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