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The billion-dollar secret to choosing the right ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ for your business and drive a higher lead generation online.

If you are reading this space, you know what digital marketing means to a business. I am sure nobody, these days, has to be enlightened of the benefits of digital marketing.

Do you agree with me if I tell you that digital marketing is the new age mantra for online growth?

Continue reading this space only if your answer is ‘yes’.

Those who are still reading this, appreciate yourselves for having discovered the greatest secret for growth.

Good that, you have known the importance of Digital Marketing! Bravo! Kudos!

Do you know how to choose the best agency to partner with?

Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the best from the lots:

  1. What sets the agency apart?

There are umpteen agencies out in the town who do digital marketing for different businesses. You really have to have the eye to pick the one that best fits you. The first thing I would recommend to look for is their ‘they-are-just-so-unique’ element. You need to find what they are best at and what they do in the way nobody else does. If the answers to the above questions are not convincing, then probably you are trying your luck with a run of the mill agency. The agency needs to have that one USP, which makes you give a clear nod for them. Sometimes, it might be their website that pulls your attention. Sometimes, their creative ads… Take a deep dive into their brochures, social media pages, emails and other business collaterals with a perusing eye and say hi to them only if you are inspired. After all, if they don’t sound digitally cool enough, they are not your men!

2. Is their strategy compelling?

Let me presume you have found your digitally-cool agency. What next?

Ask for their core strategy!

Listen them explain to you how they approach your business and what their winning strategy is, that’s gonna help you revamp you digitally.

Your agency has really got to be sure what they will do for you, how it turns up and what’s their plan B, plan C…….plan Z. Nobody has time for trial and errors, right?

3. Do they write content that sells?

Have you heard someone telling you that ‘Content is King’?

If yes, go thank the gentleman!

Yes, Content is the king, queen, jack everything. There’s always a misconception that content roughly refers only to the words, text, blogs or articles – which is actually not. I mean, content is not just words. Whatever you see is content! The design, the videos, the space in between, the colors, the empty nothings, the pop-ups, the gimmicks you show while something is loading, the navigation, the user experience, the this, the that and the everything!

So your agency needs to have that COMMAND! They gotta catch the pulse of the readers. For the attention span of the cyber-human is hitting the rock bottom, you really gotta make your visitor stay on your content within his first three seconds or he’s gone.

Check with your agency how much they value content. The one who’s on par with the contemporary content standards is the one who wins.

4. Ask for their success stories

It’s always good to ensure that if you are in safe hands. Ask for their success stories, case studies, and other trust factors.

If your agency has already rendered their service to a company that’s close or similar to your niche, consider it a positive turnaround, an added advantage.

There are chances for you to have takeaways from their use cases. Remember the proverb, ‘Look before you leap’?

5. Check their business metrics.

After scrutinizing the above parameters thoroughly, there are still chances for you to go wrong. I would recommend you to run through a complete verification of the following criteria also.

  • Full transparency
  • Understanding your need and budget
  • Good reputation on social media
  • Internal team architecture
  • Credibility

Say yes to your agent only if you find them fulfilling these pre-requisites. Because appearances are often deceptive, aren’t they?

ISCISTECH Business Solutions has recently stepped into digital marketing services and has become a pivotal part of the rapidly growing digital media firms.

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