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Fundamentally, data science extracts meaningful insights from data for businesses or organisation, combining tools, methods and technology. Data science can be used for descriptive analysis, diagnostic analysis, predictive analysis, as well as prescriptive analysis.


Some benefits of data science for businesses include:

  • The discovery of unknown transformative patterns
  • New products and solutions innovation
  • Real-time optimisation

How to our Data Science Consultants do it?

Our Data Consultants try to solve problems using the OSEMN data science process:

  • O – Obtain data

This includes pre-existing, newly acquired or downloaded from the internet. They can extract data from internal or external databases, such as social media, third-party sources, or even company systems like CRM software and more.

  • S – Scrub data

Another word for data cleaning – standardising the data so that it looks neat, and follows the desirable format. Some examples include

  • Standardising values to a common format
  • Correcting any spatial or spelling errors
  • Ensuring that mathematical tasks were done accurately
  • E – Explore data

Preliminary data analysis for planning of further data modelling strategies. This data is studied deeply too see if any interesting patterns exist, and move forward accordingly.

  • M – Model data

Techniques include association, classification and clustering are applied to a data set while modelling data. This is when algorithms for software and machine learning are used to extract more insights, form outlooks and suggest the best methods or direction. Data modelling can be fine-tuned many times to yield more favourable results.

  • N – Interpret results

Lastly, our data scientists, along with analysts work together to convert the findings into action. What happens next, how do we monetise the data insights in the name of the business – this is where our data scientists show their true value. Summarising the data will also help stakeholders understand and implement results effectively.

With ISCISTECH’s data science consultants, we can help drive your sales, manage your project delivery, mentor your teams, build new capabilities, and even support your leadership and building new skills.